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    Dapros - Here. And now.

    Dapros is a business incubator in Tuscany, Italy.

    Why Tuscany? Why 'Dapros'?
    All the world loves Tuscany - Botticelli's art, rolling landscapes, Chianti wine.

    Europe's Renaissance, of course, was sustained by a creative and thriving merchant economy. Art needs finance.

    The art, the landscapes and the wine are still here. But the SME's, mainstay of the Tuscan economy, are losing foothold in a now-global marketplace. They still have the old creativity, technical expertise and boundless energy. But without managerial skills, vision and investment - how can they compete?

    Enter Dapros, the wild boar (aper, in Latin). Symbol of all that is strong and independent in the Tuscan countryside. Boars work in groups. Intelligent and pragmatic, they adapt to their environment. They see opportunity in the forest. Then they act - with energy and with courage.

    They are survivors.

Exout ci ha messo le mani!